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Last two decades library and information science has seen emergence of its new branch  concerned with use of Information Technology in library functioning and services termed with Library Information Technology (LIT). The term has gained much popularity around the globe resulting many foreign university are starting new programmes and training modules. They are seriously thinking to supplement basic LIS education and create opportunities for working librarians and professionals, which will impact on various types of libraries in modernising, up-grading and bringing timeliness in their development, functioning and services and finally benefit library users at large. In India the term Library Information Technology is yet to get recognition and attract LIS professionals. However, need of specialised training has been felt long. Having considered this Information Technology divide from world LIs profession the Pillai Centre for Advances in Library Information Technology and Research (PCALITR) committed to do everything that is required in not only popularising the term in India but also to play a pivotal  constructive role between LIS education and ground level manpower requirement in LIS area.

The Centre is committed to work with the following Objectives:
  1. Publish a well-developed portal / subject gateway in the area of Library Information Technology with a view to provide access to data bases, RSS feeds of content pages of Scholarly Journals, Open Access Peer Reviewed Journals, E-Books, Case Studies, Referral Information on New Books, Announcements of Conferences and Congresses.
  2. Offer courses at various level affiliated to LIT.
  3. Organise seminars and workshops on all facets of LIT.
  4. Provide placement opportunities to enterprising individuals possessing specialised skills and expertise.
  5. Promote conducting research in LIT area.
  6. Publish Online Journal in LIT.
  7. Collaborate with foreign university in creating trained manpower in LIS area with International status through affiliation.
  8. Work for creating accreditation and other standards LIS profession in India.
  9. Publish news about LIT developments in India.
  10. Promote development of wikis and collaborative resources in LIT.

Aims and Objectives

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