Selected Journals in LIT

List of Accredited Journals      

This is a selective list of accredited journals that may be considered for publication of articles in the field of information and knowledge management and related fields.
Accredited Journals
Available electronically on E-journals - click here
ACM Transactions on Database Systems 1994-2001/1996-
ACM Transactions on Information Systems 1997-2001
AIIM E-Doc Magazine 2003-
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology 1966+
Applied Artificial Intelligence 1996- (Embargo 1 year)
Artificial Intelligence 1995-
Artificial Intelligence Review 1997-
Behaviour and Information Technology 1996- (Embargo 1 year)
Canadian Journal of Information Science
College and Research Libraries  1939+
Cutter IT Journal - The Journal of Information Technology Management
Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery 1997-
Database: The Magazine of Electronic Database Reviews
Decision Support Systems 1995-
Education for Information 1996- (Embargo 1 year)
Electronic Library 1998-
European Journal of Information Systems 1999- (Embargo 1 year)
Government Information Quarterly 1995-
Human-Computer Interaction 1985- (Embargo 1 Year)
IEEE Multimedia 1998
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 1999-
Information Age 2001-
Information and Computation 1995-
Information and Control
Information and Decision Technologies
Information and Management 1995-
Information Economics and Policy 1995-
Information Processing and Management 1995-
Information Processing Letters 1995-
Information Retrieval 1999-
Information Sciences 1995-
Information Society 1997- (Embargo 1 year)
Information Systems 1995-
Information Systems Frontiers 1999-
Information Systems Journal 1998 (Embargo 1 year)
Information Systems Management 1991-
Information Systems Research 1990- (Embargo 1 year)
Information Technology - Research Development Applications
Information Technology and Libraries 1987-
Information Today 1987-
International Forum on Information and Documentation
International Information and Library Review 1995-

Selected Journals in LIT

Selected Journals in LIT
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