Selected Journals in LIT

List of Accredited Journals      

Accredited Journals
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International Journal of Computer Information Sciences
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems 1997- (Embargo 1 year)
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 1998- (Embargo 1 year)
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 1997- (Embargo 1 year)
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 1995-
International Journal of Information Management 1995-
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Journal of Computer Information Systems 1997-
Journal of Documentation 1997
Journal of Education for Library And Information Science 1984-2003
Journal of Government Information 1995-2004
Journal of Information Ethics
Journal of Information Science 1999-
Journal of Information Science and Engineering
Journal of Information Storage and Processing Systems
Journal of Information Technology 1986-
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 1997-
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 1999-
Journal of Management Information Systems 1984-
Journal of Public Administration 1999+
Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology
Journal of Strategic Information Systems 1995-
Journal of The American Society for Information Science
Knowledge Creation Diffusion Utilization
Knowledge Organization 1993+
Knowledge-Based Systems 1995-
Knowledge and Process Management 2003-
Library and Information Science Research 1995-
Library and Information Science
Library Resources and Technical Services 2004-
Library Trends 1992-
Libri  1950-2005
Methods of Information in Medicine
Multimedia Systems 1997-
Multimedia Tools and Applications 1997-
Online Information Review 1999-
Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science
Program - Electronic Library and Information Systems 1997-
Searcher - The Magazine for Database Professionals 1993-
Social Science Information 1999-
Social Science Information Studies
South African Journal of Information Management 1999-
South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science  1981+
The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication

Selected Journals in LIT

Selected Journals in LIT
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